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How can Moody and Smith Consulting help you

There is no successful business that can operate without good research, a tactical and strategic plan. We are not just practical but we also have a strong love for research, tactics and strategies to help any business use the internet to their advantage. Our team of consultants will take your business from a strategic point of view to a practical reality. You trust us, we deliver.

“3 Questions every manager should ask themselves before hiring us!”

1. Are you keen to grow your sales, your revenue, your business using the internet – but not sure where to start?

2. Do you have a great service or product, but have no idea how to get it in front of your ideal customer/client online?

3. Does the idea of going and getting your product/services online make you shiver?

“Well, good news: whatever your Online Business Development challenge – we can surely help…”

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What we can bring to your business

Our consultant will develop a fully actionable detailed plan for your digital marketing activity. This plan will help your team create and post relevant contents for various online platforms.

Tactics are how do you understand the behaviour of your audience and provide them with what they are looking for. You will be given applicable tactics for your online activities.

Facebook marketing can save or break your online activity, having a detailed Facebook strategy will help your staff take the right move for specific actions on Facebook.

Youtube strategy is all about the type of content you want to put in front of your audience and how you want them to react towards those particular contents.

Instagram is a great tool to build your awareness with your potential customers. Taking the right picture combined with the right HashTag will save your strategy.

Our Twitter strategy is built around influencers and how your message can be picked by other tradition marketing channels such as radio and newspaper.

Our Work Flow


  • Identify your market, the problem you intend to solve
  • Identify your avatar
  • Identify your solution

(Your Minimum Viable Product is) You know what transformation you will be in the business of delivering, who you serve, and how you will reach them.


  • Setting up your blog, branding, logo, core pages
  • Creating pillar posts
  • Creating core landing pages, internal linkages, aligned call to action to deliver on transformation.

(Your Minimum Viable Product is) Your blog is set up and populated, aligned around your transformation, and ready to serve your prospects.

    Email List

  • Creating lead magnets
  • Creating operational lead funnels (Squeeze pages, etc)
  • Building out your email followup sequences

(Your Minimum Viable Product is) You have one or more targeted leads magnets and lead funnels to attract and deliver to your prospects.

    Traffic Building

  • Setting up syndication channels
  • Building up Social Media Profiles
  • Video and Podcasting
  • Paid Traffic funnels
  • Editorial Calendar and content marketing
  • Guest posting and guest appearance

(Your Minimum Viable Product is) You have a basic syndication process in place, social media presence, and at least one paid traffic funnel.


Delivery of the promised transformation through whatever medium fits (Membership site, eBook, coaching, etc)

  • Sales funnels
  • Info product creation
  • Making offers (Aka monetization)

(Your Minimum Viable Product is) You have established your offer and are enrolling people into your product/service.


  • Building upon traffic funnels over time to create an increasing trend of new leads to your business.
  • Tweaking conversation
  • Perfecting your offer(s)
  • Delivering the transformation more efficiently

(This phase is ongoing. You are constantly tweaking and testing, introducing new stuff that you didn’t have time for before. At this stage, you are established and have a functioning business. The goal here is to increase statistics over time).


  • Process systematization
  • Expanding your team (Outsourcing)
  • Joint Ventures

(Your systems are working and it is a proven concept. You will reach that point where you can begin to systematise, automate and outsource. You’ve now moved from solopreneur into the role founder of an ever-growing business.

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For any business to have a successful online presence and interaction with its customers, they have to get a well design online market research, marketing plan and implementation. Contact us today and we will help you.

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