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Moody and Smith Digital Marketing has mastered the art of the online marketing space in the South African context and we know what works and what doesn't. Our action plans are executed to the slightest detail and we make it easy for our clients to easily understand our actions.

The biggest mistake many managers or organisations do when using social media is not to clearly define their aims and objectives. Not defining your outcome on social media is a dangerous move for any organisation. Using social media can be a great tool to achieve a specific goal for your organisation such as awareness, revenue increase, engagement with your customers, research and many more other insights that will help your organisation grow.

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Our work processes

Creative & Production

It’s what achieves measurable results, and we have just the people to do that. From writers and art directors to a full-fledged photo studio and video team, our second-to-none creative department is all under one roof. Which is so rad. We offer 24/7 days social media assistance and real time speedy response to any requests.

Social Analysis

A smart strategy starts with a top-to-bottom analysis of your social channels. Everything from how your competitors are doing, to what your consumer truly wants. After we assess, we’ll identify areas of opportunity so your brand can really flourish.

Consumer Insights

In this moment, brands and their consumers are closer than ever, which allows us to listen, understand and analyse what our communities are saying. We wholeheartedly believe insights are the driving force behind outstanding creative work.

Community Management

How much do we love our community managers? Let us count the ways. Not only do they serve as the public-facing voice of our accounts, CMs create authentic 1:1 engagements with a community, deliver insights around content performance, and drive business objectives on the daily. So yes, we love them a lot

Account Management & Strategy

To be successful in today’s work stream, you’ve got to master “client services” and “strategy”. Our Account teams do just that— they make smart, strategic recommendations that are grounded in creative insights; inspire, mentor and motivate individuals across all departments; and gather metrics and learnings around initiatives every time we knock a KPI out of the park.

Paid Media

We work hard to establish and maintain close relationships with each platform, which allow us to optimise and make the most of every update that rolls out. Those connections help us understand paid media better than anyone else, so we can work with clients to develop an approach that makes the most out of earned and owned media. In a nutshell: creating targeted, scalable content that sells sh*t.

How can we help you

Brand Activation

We help activate companies brand both online and offline, our consultation department will design the best strategy for your brand and we would activate them through our extensive online skills and tactics.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is becoming the biggest popular alternative marketing channels for most brands to sell their product and services. For anyone looking to explore a new market? Facebook marketing is the way to go.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing Is a complete online marketing solution. From creating sponsor campaigns, tracking your customers, offering the targeted advertisement base on their behaviour whenever they are online.

Youtube Marketing

Videos have become the centre of all online content creation and youtube is the biggest channel of these. Creating targeted videos for a particular target audience will be an ideal marketing strategy for your brand.

Product sourcing

We help you sell your product online without you having to spend a cent in marketing. Our marketing team will market your product and we agree on a profit sharing.

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